In the years leading up to moving away from home for the first time, I began to document my life as it happened. It was just me, my parents, and our house. I remember having a deep sense of nostalgia when creating this work, a feeling of needing to remember it all before things started to change for good. I paid close attention to the details, documenting the small subtleties of our home and the people in it. As time passed so did my sense of what home actually was, thinking now that it was wherever my parents were and not a physical space. When I finally left for college I was in my early twenties, still not sure of my choice in pursuing photography. Without another option I decided to make the most of it and left home for something new. I think once I left it became the ending point for this work. I lived by myself for the first year, a two bedroom apartment in the countryside too far from most things. Making new friends was hard being in a new place, especially when being a quiet introvert like I was. After years of deep introspection I began to put this work together to put an ending to this part of my life and move forward with the next. 

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